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Flavia Mazzanti

Hybrids in Becoming. Sympoietic relationships within bodies, environments and societies

“Hybrids in Becoming” deals with the disruption of social and physical boundaries in relation to body, environment and society. The project experiments a post-anthropocentric scenario, where hybrid urban landscapes are generated through the interaction of humans – as both individuals as collective –, nature and the built surroundings.

The thesis consists, on the one hand, of a theoretical part dealing with architectural-philosophical theories of hybrid bodies and urban systems. On the other hand a short film – Sympoietic Bodies –, used as a medium of architectural narration and showing the continuous growth, transformation and decay of hybrid landscapes and with them of human and non-human bodies. Both body and city get destroyed in their pure definition, continuously constructing, disrupting and reconstructing each other in different forms and shapes, merging one with the other.

Boundaries between urban infrastructures, bodies and natural ecosystems dissolve. Space and time are assumed as the main perception marks, both hybrid figures of a deconstructed and fragmented world.

The project takes on the one hand the experimental place, while on the other hand it deals with critical theories in relation to urban social development.

Hergestellt mit der Unterstützung der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien.
Danke an den ORF III Kulturbeirat. Realisiert im Rahmen der Reihe „Pixel, Bytes + Film – ORF III Artist in Residence”


Foto © eSel – Joanna Pianka