IKA – Institut für Kunst und Architektur


Ella Felber

Unter der Hohen Brücke – digging in a ditch, writing for a place

There is a place shared by architecture and poetry. It emerges by their overlay, and requires us to enter, to adapt, and to actively participate in its configuration. By perceiving, by using, by engaging and behaving, we create realities, and we change them. By interacting with our environment, be it the physical or the written, our experiences inscribe meaning, thereby we create a place. This work is an experiment. It consists of multiple attempts to construct a place in the border region between architecture and poetry. As an exception of this distinction, it is writing for a place which can be entered and interacted with like a physical environment.

It is a case study – a reading and construction, an analysis and interpretation – of an existing place: Tiefer Graben/Hohe Brücke. The work comprises various pieces of writing, and photographic interludes. While digging in this place, the essay ‘Writing as Architecture’, a sequence of encounters ‘Im Inneren der Stadt’, and a sketchbook ‘Unter der Hohen Brücke’ arise: from a reflective investigation, through directed, progressive explorations, to raw and intimate approaches.

As places do, the writings are too assembling and dissipating, coming into existence, taking up a position, exploring its edges, and transforming into something else. The photographs allow these movements to expand and to breathe, and the reader’s gaze to wander and to rest. The pieces in this book are constantly reconfiguring themselves, our sensations, associations and experiences. Together – as if a ditch – they unseal potentials and set up possibilities to practise in the ambiguous space within architecture and poetry.

Foto © Helene Streissler