IKA – Institut für Kunst und Architektur


Elisa Mazagg

the traces we leave behind – about the transformative processes of anthropogenic landscapes

In the last centuries, we humans have become the major geological agents transforming and moving Earth material to a vast and incomparable extent. New artificial landscapes emerged that leave behind immense powerful qualities and traces turning landscapes into cultural heritages of humanity. Remote observation methods have become a useful technique to document and analyze these dynamic phenomena and their constant development from a distance and without the need for any physical interaction. Hence, the basis for this thesis lies in the condition of territory to continually change, focusing on the interaction between human forces and their resulting built environments. Combining this with today’s extensive increase of available data and its accessibility leads to generating a more complex and multilayered approach of depicting and representing landscapes in their continuous transformation.

In this way, the work acts as a translator between the static visual perception of landscapes and the dynamic processes being the creators of it. By inventing new strategies of representation and evaluating multiple data, the thesis augments the familiar perception of landscapes. Starting from one single observation of the opal landscape in Coober Pedy suddenly enables a new understanding of landscape dynamics and creates a basis for a deeper and amplified analysis for our human impact on the Earth.

Foto © Christina Ehrmann