IBK – Institut für bildende Kunst
Fachbereich Abstrakte Malerei


Jens Østergaard

Rygtet har spredt sig

Things found gotten received exchanged.
Ephemerals making up chains of associations.Sometimes these chains of associations will become subjects of paintings, other times there will be none, except the continuous paint application.

So a painting might take its beginning with a small pamphlet found on the streets of Leipzig, a 1944 Faust publication subtitled „Der Tragödie erster Teil“, picked up and lying around in a pile somewhere for a good while, an interest, format and feel and with the lettering a weird clash of monochrome untold narrative.

Or while reading Gaugain’s letters – the perfect depressive cliché of an artist struggle, money, family, wife, kids, art-dealers, freedom, fame and younger competition – you receive other letters from an author friend, on writing paper, with horses running wild, on the same subjects, only a couple dried psychedelic mushrooms in the envelope as well, and you see painting potential in this flat non-painterly composition made for practical writing-paper reasons, a pattern frame, with horses pushed into the foreground, looking like something in between a PENNY girl-dream and the apocalyptic horses having thrown off their riders.

Maybe one is about to turn this end-project into the first part of a coming tragedy.

And so associations pile up, get used reused or attached while the hand keeps doing its daily paint application.

Foto © eSel – Joanna Pianka