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Danielle Pamp

Family Secrets

“Family Secrets” aspires to show a multi-faceted experience from my perspective as a trans woman.

Often media shows a reductive point of view of trans life/ lifestyle, which focuses on the sensational and is devoid of nuance. This can result in exotifying of the trans people by those who are not a part of the LGBTQ lifestyle. Therefore, I choose to depict everyday moments, family members as well as family events in a non-linear manner, so that it becomes more inclusive and complex. It is important to see that a trans identity can have a full life experience full of both vigor, struggle, but as well as the trivial slices of life. Other topics circle around is childhood, upbringing, religious structures, the nuclear family, relations, mental illness, traumas. I want to express a sense of personal catastrophe while at the same time aiming at a more general humanizing perspective. An angle that is so personal so that it takes on a general relatable form, always with an existential atmosphere present.

Foto © eSeL – Joanna Pianka