Mirabella Paidamwoyo* Dziruni


TINOTAMBA. Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Ether. As (queer) black bodies, moving and navigating around Vienna/Austria, can be very irritating. We get looked at more than others. We get assumed to “not be from here“. We get our body, especially our hair, touched without consent. We need to explain, that we have the right to exist. We need to fight, for basic human rights. We always need to perform better than anyone in our surrounding, just to be seen as equal. We need to stay calm, otherwise we get treated like aggressive animals. We need to restrict ourselves, to fit within the white society. We need to change, adapt, evolve to continue ensuring our livelihood. We do not have room, to live in emotion. NOW WE JUST EXIST. WE CELEBRATE EACH OTHER, FOR A MOMENT, WE ARE FREE TO JUST BE. – TINOTAMBA, WE DANCE.

mirabella paidamwoyo* dziruni with Mzamo Nondlwana, Enesi M., A$$AT.M & enyonam

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