Laia Fabre

The Fountain

The Fountain is a two-channel video installation where one video shows the formation of a group sculpture representing a baroque fountain made by five performers while the other video shows a single performer embodying another fountain. The performers continuously move into multiple choreographed formations displaying a human fountain using water as material to play and interact with. The first video shows the development and the connections between intimacy, bodies, touching, fluidity, evolution and reflects on the stigmatization of gender and equality, feminism and feelings of alienation. It addresses the alliances between art, activism, feminism and queer thinking.

It’s an investigation into a world of sensuality, eroticism and intimacy. It focuses on two main points: art as a dynamic force that can be transformed by sexuality, and that can also transform the viewer. Art will become means of exploring questions of creation, desire, identity and, of course, expectation. The body, as a desiring subject, turns into more than the traditionally fetishized object of art. This way, the relationship between art and the politics of sensuality are central but it also goes further: gives emphasis on how art intersects with the audience and becomes a political tool. With this, the installation is centered in the personal yet in the public spheres. The work investigates images of fountains which in relation to the second video where only one performer represents the baroque fountain creates an opposite relation between the group and the individual. – Topics which I have been busy within my last works. Sensuality is also gender performativity and, as Judith Butler’s examines in one of the core concepts in her work, is related to the idea of precarity: by making a reference to those who are in risk of not being qualified as a subject of recognition by society.

Here, I am also interested in expanding the concept to those that don’t follow sexual standards, to what is socially accepted and unaccepted, and to any kind of practice that might be considered as out of the norm. It shows how empowered each and every of these bodies are.

Director and realization: Laia Fabre
Choreography: Laia Fabre
Performers: Karin Fisslthaler,Laia Fabre, Krööt Juurak, Mzamo Nondlwana,
Evandro Pedroni and Julischka Stengele
Camera: Robert Oberrainer
First assistant camera: Fjodor Carl Kelling
Lights: Nina Rechberg, Alexander Visekruna
Photography: Raúl Itamar
Music and sound: Lukas König
Costumes and styling: Miriam Draxl, Margaret and Hermione
Editing and color correction: Laia Fabre, Raúl Itamar
Production: Anna Spanlang and Laia Fabre

Thanks for all their support: Dangl light and grip, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Xhibit, Karin Fisslthaler, Cordula Rieger, Richard Reisenberger, Gilbert Marx, Friedemann Derschmidt, Thomas Kasebacher and a special thank you to Holger Guggi.


Abb. / Ills.: © Laia Fabre