Mette Riise

The Less Unsustainable Talkshow

Critical reflections on capitalist work society, western ideologies and the values of our current economic system are dominant themes of investigation in my work. The main questions I have been asking the previous years have been: What is the role of the artist in the capitalist work society? And how could artists use this role in order to disrupt – and create critical thought towards – our economic system? I investigate these questions by inserting myself into other industries and thus explore the role of art outside the gallery and museum place. In relation to this I have spent 6 months in the stand up comedy scene of CPH, done a residency in the Department of Accounting at a business school in Melbourne and collaborated with a branding agency for a piece. The result of my work often takes the form of a live performance and/or video work combined with installation, graphics and text.

Mette Riise

The Less Unsustainable Talkshow, 2021
Courtesy of the artist

Abb. / Ill.: © Mette Riise, Foto / photo: Daniel Jamernik


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