Nikolaus Ruchnewitz


ACIDHEADS is a series of portraits, just instead of the persons head you get vinyl picture discs – fancy ones indeed. The discs show variations of the smiley . Nowadays we do associate smileys with emojis, but actually the rise of this icon came with acid house music 1988 in the UK. Acid was and still is a thrilling machine-made squeaking sound. It’s so iconic you easily recognize – and so is the smiley! It is a strong audiovisual connection. That’s what it is about – hearing, vision, perception, club culture. It’s all happening in your head – tune in! D-Mob featuring Gary Haisman found better words to describe it:

Acid, the musical phenomenon
Only for the headstrong
Makes you want to dance
Move to the beat
Puts you in a trance
Keeps you on your feet
We call it acid


You turn on
You tune in, you drop out
Acid has that effect
Bassline be pumpin’
Bodies rockin’
People in the crowd, you hear them SHOUT


If you thought it was a drug
Now you know you’re wrong
You hear it in Phuture, Shoom, and Spectrum
We call it acid

(D-Mob featuring Gary Haisman – We Call It Acieeed, Label: FFRR, 1988)

Abb. / Ill.: © Nikolaus Ruchnewitz, Foto: / photo: Rudi Rapf